Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Cake alternatives

To support the charity Tree Aid, a charity which helps people in Africa's drylands to become self-sufficient by growing and looking after trees, celeb chefs such as Raymond Blanc and Anthony Worrall Thompson share their recipes for cakes made with things that come from trees, such as chocolate, cinnamon, dates, figs, oranges, lemons, pine nuts etc. You can find the delicious recipes here.

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Miranda Spitteler said...

Miss Whistle
Fantastic that you are spreading the word about partying with cakes. I devised this campaign with these chefs to create a fun, festive way to keep the funds coming into our vital work in Africa. TREE AID is helping villagers to become self reliant through protecting, growing and making the best use of their trees. The cake bake campaign is to bring people together so they can experience tree foods first hand and learn how they are a life line in Africa. It makes for very happy guests at your Christmas parties, who donate to the cause for the priviledge of eating the cakes. This credit crunch is hitting us Brits pretty hard so partying with cakes will lift the spirits and lift them even higher because we'll be helping villagers in Africa who are unimaginably worse off than ourselves. Thanks for spreading the word. That's what our 'tree' cakes are all about. for even more recipes I hope you and your friends enjoy their 'tree' cake party!
Miranda - Chief Executive, TREE AID