Thursday, November 13, 2008

Secret Life Of Bees

Two of my friends have now been to see "The Secret Life of Bees" at my suggestion and both loved it. I suggest that even if you saw the film pre-election, you see it again now, because it is the kind of lovely catharsis we need (what greater place to sob your heart out with tears of relief and gratitude than a darkened movie theatre surrounded by total strangers). Yes, it's a bit mawkish and saccharine and yes critics, like my friend Ella, founding member of the Royal Order of the Spotted Dick (more about that later), will tell you you're a silly-billy...but make up your own mind.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Rachel Getting Married and The Secret Life of Bees on two consecutive days. Both dealt with irreconcilable loss and the guilt of killing the person you love most.

Rachel Getting Married felt assaulting while Secret life of Bees felt soothing.

Perhaps comfort is not an emotion we readily condone.

I think Miss. Whistle's support of this movie reveals hope. After months of Obama support why would we expect her to have anything else?