Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Insomniac's Guide to the British Broadsheets

Wherein I read the newspapers so that you don't have to (thank my miserable sore throat for today's edition):
  • An intervew with Per Petterson, author of Out Stealing Horses, in the Guardian.
  • Another fantastic Ottolenghi recipe -- vegan quinoa & dried limes.
  • "Holly came from Miami, FLA" and other people who inspired pop songs.
  • Jasmine Guinness discusses her roots in the Guardian.
  • A tribute to James LeBon.
  • Karl Lagerfeld proves he's finally lost his marbles.
  • Ricky Gervais tells fat people to go for an f-ing run.
  • Photographs from Close: A Journey in Scotland (large country houses, beautiful gardens).
  • A very good interview with Salman Rushdie in the Times.
  • In search of eternal sunshine: How to be an Optimist.
  • Why today is the right time to get on yer bike.

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