Saturday, January 03, 2009

Miss Whitmee

One of the only reasons I stayed sane at boarding school was because of this woman, Gillian Whitmee, our assistant matron for a year or two. She was a lifesaver to me through my most horrible, emotional, teenage years and we were all awfully sad when she left. My heart skipped a beat when I found this picture on the internet. It does not surprise me that she is a fellow tree lover. This is from the Harrow School Trees Appeal:
Harrow Matron of many years’ service, Ms Gillian Whitmee, has donated a large sum towards the trees that she loves. “My hope would be in the future to picture great numbers of trees all over the Hill and especially on the Cricket Grounds,” she says. “There is a wonderful continuity in trees. Every tree is lovely, trees never change and yet they are always changing, as they grow and with the seasons. When we have all gone away, the trees will remain and guard our sons as they come and pass through the Hill."

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Jamie Hunter said...

Amazing! Miss Whitmee was the only reason I got through boarding school in one piece. I was thinking about her this morning, googled, and found your blog. Not surprised she got you through too, I reckon there must be thousands of us!
An Englishman in Byron Bay Australia