Monday, February 23, 2009

Xan Brooks liveblogs the Oscars

"3.02am: OK, so here is one of those "bold risks" that Sid Ganis was promising. And as predicted it is musical in nature. Here is a grand slice of Depression-era escapism. It features Hugh Jackman in a top hat and Beyoncé in a red dress (and a top hat), and they are singing show-tunes and Abba medleys at each other. On and on it goes, boldly going to riskiness and back, and afterwards the crowd applauds indulgently. I think my ears are bleeding. Someone fetch me a tissue.

The "man who created that number" is Baz Luhrmann, apparently. He sits in his seat looking suitably sheepish as the applause peters out around him. And with that we cut to a commercial break. One of these commercials is for razor blades. Considering what we have just been subjected to, this strikes me as somewhat irresponsible."

From Xan Brooks' hilarious live-blogging of the Oscars in the Guardian.

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