Tuesday, March 03, 2009

John Sr.

My stepmother-in-law (surely I can come up with a better description of this excellent woman), Sandy, is beside herself. They've come back from an appointment with the GI Specialist & John may have to go back into Cedar's so that they can biopsy the ulcer in his oesophagus. I think she would prefer to walk barefoot to Tijuana and back. His weight is low and we're strategizing ways to make food more palatable to him. This is Hollywood, after all, and there seems to be a meal plan for every occasion. Chef-prepared Zone meals, for example. Couldn't they just add an extra sausage and call it a day?

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Wzzy said...

This is actually 2 comments:

1) I have a similar nomenclature issue with my dad's wife, who while technically my step-mother is in fact two months younger than I am.

2) Very sorry to hear that John Snr may have to return to hospital, however briefly. I will think lots of good and calorie-laden thoughts.