Sunday, March 29, 2009


As those of you who know me well are acutely aware, the mere mention of the world of pr makes my heart palpitate unpleasantly, and it would take a vast natural disaster to drag me back into publicity, but, sometimes, I find a worthwhile cause. My talented and beautiful fourteen year old daughter makes hair accessories with her friend Natasha (whom I adore because she speaks American English with Minks and English English with me and her parents). The Obie hair clips can be viewed here, modelled decorously by both girls. The website is continuously updated with new designs and they will also do custom orders.


Nora Johnson said...

Think the hair accessories look absolutely delicious! Would buy tons if hadn't had recent - long overdue - hair cut! (Not exactly shorn sheep-style but you know what I mean...)

Will, however, pass on details to my lovely nieces and friends with (relatively) lengthy locks!


P.S. Regards to LA. Reading about Mulholland & those wonderful city views in last post made me quite homesick!

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Nora,
Oh do please tell all your friends. The girls are working feverishly making new designs. It will thrill them no end.
xx Miss W
ps When did you live in LA? You can email me directly at if you prefer.