Monday, March 23, 2009


"Only you, Miss Whistle, would appreciate my sartorial crustaceans" said my friend Matti when I congratulated him on the Column One piece in the Los Angeles Times. To wit:
Off to the side of the stage, a tall, bald man in a bright blue shirt and white shorts dotted with lobsters grins and takes a picture. He is Matti Leshem, commissioner of the USA Rock Paper Scissors League. The Los Angeles marketer brought the child's game to casinos, and now he's turning it into a spring break sport.

"Your brains got you into college, but you're going to use your fists to pay for it," he yelled to the crowd before the match.
The whole piece on the world-wide commissioner of Rock Paper Scissors can be found here.

In other RoShamBo news, an Oakland school uses Rock Paper Scissors to resolve playground disputes. This is a lovely story from NPR about jump rope, red rover, and other almost extinct schoolyard games.

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