Thursday, March 12, 2009

Texting with a 14 yr old

Hey mammmasita its honzyyy you can text me to this number! Were about an hour away from mammoth and i'm already having SO much fun!!! How r u??
Hi baby! Glad you're having fun. Have a lovely time on the mountain.
Thanks we are here and about to start ilysm! N will have this phone with her so text me any time!
Did u manage contact lenses?
We wet strait frm herhouseto the mountan and nat adi thought we would g t the house firs so I could put them in therebut wedidnt andi ddnt want to do it in car so I'm not wear anything but its been fine so far. Tomorrow wll put them in. The snow here is amazing. Screw big bear I'm kinda OBSESSED (lol) with mammoth! hah ilysm

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