Monday, April 20, 2009

instant/space : decorating on a budget

This is interesting. I ran into old friends Mark & Betsy this weekend in Palm Springs (we were all there at the service of our Coachella-going teenage daughters). Betsy is a high-end designer/decorator with great taste (her house is delicious). Her latest project instant/space will help people who don't have the budget to hire a full-time designer, but still want the services a designer can offer. As Los Angeles is rife with people with no taste, I'm sure it will be an enormous hit. Click on the beautiful instant/space box here. Forbes puts it this way:
"...e-decorating services such as Instant/Space enables consumers to buy custom room plans with retail product suggestions, without paying for a designer to visit and follow up on complicated custom orders. The benefit is avoiding costly mistakes while saving money by executing the design plan yourself. The $1,495 price of a living room design is less than the price of a retail sofa, which, owner and interior designer Betsy Burnam reasons, you may have to buy again if you make a poor choice on your own."

And of course I'm mad about Burnham's British Flag lamp.

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