Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Melon: bit boring really

Apart from those lovely smelly French ones that remind me of a small Parisian apartment with no air-conditioning and too many cats in the summertime, melons are pretty much the dullest of fruits, n'est-ce pas? The Times offers up five things to do with them. The suggestions are fine, but to my point, not particularly inspired. Melon is used in Southern California as a filler fruit. That is, if you order fruit for breakfast, you'll find a few expensive berries on top and a thick underlayer of bland chunks of whitish-orange melon which dares you to eat it. I'm willing to have my mind changed. Anyone? Melon Basil Gazpacho?


Nora Johnson said...

Your trawl in previous post all over the valley + bucket of horse poo in tow recalls a dilemma P & I were faced with when living in the canyons. Namely deer eating P's prized English roses. (Apparently, equally prized by the deer!) After contacting various august horticultural bodies, we were finally informed the ONLY cure/deterrent is poo. And not any old poo -LION poo! And where might we get that? we asked incredulously. At LA zoo, of course, was the bemused reply. And yes, we did & yes, no more deer breakfasting chez P...

btw Just to add, love all your posts - so varied & memorable from recipe info for hot X buns to musings on Prince Philip at recent G20 meeting!

If I were opening that Oscar Blog nominations envelope now, your name would be in my top 5!

Regards to LA (and LA zoo!)



Miss Whistle said...

Dear Nora,
As I sit here propped up in bed wondering whether I should even attempt to sleep again (been up since 3) your words make me so happy, lumpy practically. Thank you! That is honestly the loveliest thing anyone has said to me in months.
Meanwhile, re the lion poo - that is brilliant. Hysterical. Would you care to do a guest post on lion poo? Think what a useful resource it will be for all canyon dwellers!
Thanks so much for your lovely support.

MissW xx

Anonymous said...

Melon is just fine all by itself...not needing help with cooking or any other type of food, not boring. Just a super fruit. Its also extremely healthy eaten by itself.

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Anonymous,
So happy to have a melon fan in the house. They need all the support they can get! Your point is well taken - it's a super healthy fruit. Thanks for your comments.
Miss W