Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The tomatoes I didn't plant

I didn't plant my tomatoes yesterday. Of course I had intended to do so but instead found myself trawling all over the Valley in my breeches (covering over the mixed media of band-aids on my legs), two dogs in the backseat, a large bucket of horse poo in the trunk, on the hunt for organic potting soil. Not as easy as it sounds. I caved and brought home four enormous bags of MiracleGro soil only to discover that the chemicals they add in makes it too strong for delicate little tomato plants. Tomorrow (today, I say tomorrow in a hopeful manner because I plan on sleeping for another hour and not giving in to this dreadful insomnia) tomorrow, I shall go to Green Thumb in Canoga Park inspired by a useful article in the Orange County Register. My other purchases include: 6 indescribably hideous orange industrial sized buckets for planting (and we're not talking a good orange) and 3 small flax plants and 4 small coleus in various colors.

PS Bill Anderson, the tomato man, points out a good article on heirloom tomatoes in Scientific American.

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