Monday, April 20, 2009

My tomatoes

My tomatoes are planted in a mixture of organic potting mix, cactus mix (recommended by the gentleman at Green Thumb in Canoga Park, he says it combines the correct amounts of sand and is water-hardy) and horse poo. Why I chose today with its 100 degree temperatures to stand in my driveway mixing my tomato soil with a large spade, an even larger iced coffee in my grubby hand, I do not know. They are planted in six hideous orange buckets and one slightly less hideous white bucket in which I've constructed a bamboo trapeze. Here is a list of what's in each bucket, so that we can track their progress:

  1. Legend, Gold Medal
  2. Sungold, Black from Tula
  3. Mexico Midget, Italian Stallion, Brown Berry
  4. Aussie, Green Grape
  5. Sungold, Jaune Flammee
  6. Gardener's Delight, Big Rainbow
  7. Pink Cherry
I think I may have to transplant them soon, so that there is only one per bucket, or I shall put them into the soil, once my raised bed has been constructed.

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