Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Romi on NPR

This just in. The fabulous and gorgeous Romi Lassally, author of True Mom Confessions, and founder of TrueMomConfessions website, where mothers reveal their deepest, darkest secrets is on All Things Considered today, interviewed by Michele Norris. Do tune in to listen to her.

(I am very proud to say that Miss Whistle penned an essay in the book.)


Anonymous said...

Is this your first published book piece, then?

Nora Johnson said...

I used to love ATC programme on NPR. In fact, loved all of NPR's output - together with USC Radio 3 broadcasts, used to keep me sane!

Congrats on publication too!


David said...

congrats on getting your essay published! i listened to that interview on the way home and felt pangs of recognition, followed swiftly by those of guilt. good thing i'm a dad, though, and not a mom. :)

btw, the green-on-green text for hyperlinks is a bit of a strain on the eyes. perhaps something with a bit more contrast?

Miss Whistle said...

@Anonymous I have had some poems published too. Thank you for asking.
@Nora, thank you so much! With online radio, the world is shrinking.
@David, thank you & done. I absolutely agree about the green on wasn't just old age, the words really were radiating at me!

So Lovely said...

Heard this as I'm completely addicted to KCRW and have it blaring through the house at all times. Brilliant interview. Hope her book does really well.