Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Cindy Sherman Moment

I think it was Liberty London Girl who once said, "If I want a good picture of me, I'll take it myself." Maybe it was Mae West. I have a collection of the crappest pictures of myself, mostly in my breeches with frizzy hair, pulled back in an elastic band, scowling. Minky is particularly adept at snapping these, for example in the morning on the way to the school bus.

The only reason that I'm posting this particular image is because of the gorgeous, smooth, lustrous hair. Please note! Sascha & Nancy at Christophe are geniuses. Yes, yes, this is both narcissistic and wrong in all kinds of ways. But I don't care. Kisses.


Anonymous said...

..but why do you look so bad tempered?

Miss Whistle said...

Dear "Anonymous"
That is, I am afraid, the way I look. I clearly lack insouciance.
-- MissW

Liberty London Girl said...

I prefer 'mysterious' or 'still waters run deep' rather than 'bad tempered'. Some people have no imagination.