Thursday, May 07, 2009


Tania Kindersley (author of "Backwards in High Heels,"fellow horse & dog lover) is the most generous in spirit of all bloggers and if you want an instant shot of optimism, do read her blog. I love this:

But in the end, this is one area where I embrace platitude, head on. I spend my entire waking life attempting to avoid banality, running from cookie fortune slogans or cheap self-help jargon, but I do think that the only antidote to the bad news is Love. There, I said it. I know it's not very British; I know we are supposed to be living in cynical, selfish times; I know we really are not supposed to act as if we are on a confessional television show. But damn it, in extremis, love is the only answer. You can't wipe away the sorrows when they come, you can't even make them much better; you can't change the facts of the thing, but you can hurl the Love around. That's my theory, and I am sticking to it. I think it is what the human heart is for.


Tania Kindersley said...

Oh Miss Whistle, you do say the nicest things. Too, too blush-making, as they used to say in Vile Bodies. Thank you so much for putting my post up on your lovely blog; it is the most potent compliment and makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Love Tanias blog too... in fact, I came to yours through hers!