Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Erica's Pizza with Clams & Garlic

I'm way into my friend Erica. She's got it going on. Especially in the pizza department.
"Come for dinner tonight" I said.
"Only if I can bring pizza for an appetizer" she said.
"OK," said I.
Woman shows up with a bag full of stuff & set about working her kitchen magic. The pizza was excellent and more-ish. Like the pizza you have in Cannes at Le Pizza when you've just arrived and you're jetlagged and you've been working all day (perhaps with Miramax, for example) and you've had half a bottle of rose to revive you.

We made it huge and cut it up into two-bite squares. And then we sat outside on the deck with the Maharishi and laughed.

Note: this is the simplest and most delicious pizza. Like. Ever.

Pizza dough (from Trader Joe's or Fresh 'n Easy or make your own)
Olive oil w/ chopped garlic.
Clams w/ a small amount of clam juice (chopped up)
Roll out or stretch dough on a floury counter or board.
Let it sit.
Sprinkle with chopped clams, chopped rosemary, crushed red pepper and a small bit of parmesan.
Then cook at 425 for about 10 minutes.
We may have cooked at 400 :)

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Mrs L. said...

Genuis! I am now jealous and will be inviting Erica to all sorts of dinners in the future. But only if she promises to come with pizza!!!