Tuesday, June 09, 2009


There has not been a better film this year. If you can, please, do go see Pixar's Up.


Wzzy said...

Loved the marriage montage. Loved the homages to other films. Loved the dog POINTing. Loved seeing the Pizza Planet truck. Loved that I forgot it was Ed Asner doing the voice. Loved it all.

Titian red said...

Saw the clip at cinema this pm - looks great, but had it not ben for your heads up would prob have ignored. So thanks x

Miss Whistle said...

Wzzy, loved the cone of shame! I loved it all too.

Titian red, I am not usually a fan of animated features but I cried from beginning to end in this one (and so did practically everyone else I've spoken to much to their chagrin). It is delicate and clever and funny and you will not regret it for one moment, I promise.


-- Miss W