Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have just written "Daisy's bucket for catching crabs" per her instruction, on her blue plastic bucket. Archie and Daisy caught 45 crabs yesterday on our jetty. They use a piece of string with a clothes pin attached to it, on to which they clip a half-smashed mussel, ambrosia for the crabs and far superior the the gritty, curled snails we'd use as children. They lie on their bellies on the wooden deck dangling their tasty morsels into the water and wait for the hungry creatures to clamp on. They never tire of this activity, rushing down to the dock right after breakfast, not caring about the weather.

It's Sunday morning and Molly is painting, Minks is reading (the fourth in the Twilight series, her head buried in it), the boys have gone out to look at secondhand boats. I have my small pocket camera and I am going for a walk to take pictures of plants and rocks, something that may sound awfully dull to other people but gives me great pleasure.

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Unknown said...

Oh, have fun! And the fishing sounds like it was nice. TWILIGHT! ahahahah. Tell me what Minks thinks. I love the series, although it isn't especially well written.

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