Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire in Los Angeles

What a strange time it is in Los Angeles.

The fire, which started in La Canada on Wednesday has spread towards Acton, to Agua Dulce, to Big Tujunga, and is travelling outwards in three directions. Our friends houses are being threatened in La Canada and our horses have been evacuated out of Little Tujunga Canyon to Hidden Valley (to the extremely ritzy El Campeon, a horsey equivalent of Disneyland). The skies are full of anvil shaped, puffy brown and pink clouds hanging over the Angeles National Forest. The air, thick with smoke, sticks in your throat, your chest, your lungs. Even dogs feel it. Meanwhile the horse show went on for four days in Burbank with an average daily temperature of 108F.

So we sit, with dogs, on the deck, listening to the tree frogs, the cicadas, the grasshoppers, an occasional bark, and that's all we can hear.


Jill of All Trades said...

Yeah, I called our youngest who is in Ontario when I heard about the fires. She goes to Pasadena a lot so I was worried. She says it is really setting her allergies off and the heat doesn't help. Take care.

She Means Well... said...

We have just come through yet another round of fierce summer fires here in Greece - this time wiping out a huge area of woodland north of Athens. I guess it's the same experience for your but on an even bigger scale.

Happily, this year, there were no deaths (unlike the firefighters lost this year in the US and several deaths in Greece 2 years ago) but nonetheless it's still a terrible tragedy to see so many acres of gorgeous green going up in smoke.

Take care.

Miss Whistle said...

Jill, thanks so much. Hope your daughter's okay. Everyone round here is coughing & sore throaty.

SMW, we read about the fires in Athens. Horrendous and so scary, isn't it? Thanks so much for weighing in.


Miss W