Friday, September 04, 2009

Mad Women

With my boringly sore throat, raw lungs & lost voice (absolutely, without out doubt fire-related) I've been bed-bound now for two days, a completely dull state of affairs, saved in part by back-to-back episodes of Mad Men, a show I'm quite frankly crazy for.

The Maharishi disagrees. "I saw a few of them," he says. "They're for chicks." And now I find out why. Most of the writers on the show are women. A great story here in the WSJ.


Miss Cavendish said...

My experience is that MM is best watched on DVD, in pairs of episodes. I'm going to wait out the rest of season 3 until it's a package.

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Miss Cavendish,

You are so right. I've downloaded the whole of Season 2 from iTunes and I'm watching them sequentially, ginger lemon tea in hand.

Thank you so much for commenting.

Miss W xxx

Mrs L. said...

Sig Other would take issue with the Maharishi's assessment as he is a HUGE fan of Mad Men and wants to be Don Draper.

Unknown said...

Actually, almost every word of MM is written or re-written by a man, who is so Alpha-male, he fires every male writer from the staff almost immediately after hiring them. I do not lie.

Miss Whistle said...


The more I think about it, the more that makes sense...and so it goes.

Thanks for commenting!

Miss W x