Friday, September 25, 2009

A writer's room -- Virginia Woolf

The Guardian does a wonderful occasional series entitled "Writers Rooms" which invites one in to the work spaces of writers. The pictures are fabulous - cluttered rooms, full of books, maps, trinkets, busts of great masters, watercolors, comfortable leather chairs, not so comfortable wooden ones. This one is Virginia Woolf's room. Look at the view.


CampusLady said...

It is like yours (minus the view)!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to Virginia Woolf's room at Monk's House. It also led me to the Guardian series on writers' rooms which was just wonderful. As a writer myself, many of the writers' descriptions of their rooms and the way they write made me laugh out loud in feeling I am not alone in being cluttered.

Miss Whistle said...

Campus Lady -- I wish it were so!
Anonymous -- I decluttered yesterday in a moment of insanity. However, by next Wednesday the room will be back to its messy self.
Thanks for you comments!


Miss W x