Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La Estudiante Loco

I've sworn not to embarrass my children on this blog. However, in this case, I make an exception.

Minky, who is 14, and had a disastrous experience with learning French in the 7th grade, is now in the fast-track Spanish program (to catch her up) at her wonderfully crunchy new high school. The teacher utilizes songs, poems & acting to learn the language (with emphasis on kinesthetic, spatial and interpersonal learning).

(**please note supporting role by Bean, the lesser spotted, stage right.)


So Lovely said...

I had to watch that a couple of times because it's so brilliant. Also what a fantastic way to teach another language - make it hip and they will come. xx

shayma said...

a ha ha ha SO CUTE thanks for the laugh on a dreary morning when i really do NOT want to go to work. xx
ps i loved the "fantastic" at the end.

Miss Whistle said...

Charlie & Shayma, my lovely blogging friends, thank you for laughing. We giggled so hard while she was doing it.

xx Miss W