Friday, October 23, 2009

Ninja Turtles & Smoky Eyes

Daughter, 14, just walked into my office in a pair of opaque black tights, a pair of tiny "booty" shorts and an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt with the arms hacked off and the neckline altered to make it a "scoop." Her eye make-up is smudgy-black. Cute. Smoky eyes, she calls it. She's going to a dance.

"Hey," she says. "How do I look?"


Liberty London Girl said...

Christ > I wore the zack same outfit in 1989. (If you replace the turtles with The Wonderstuff). Sigh. LLGxx

Mrs L. said...

OMG. You are a brave, brave woman... xo

Miss Whistle said...

LLG -- She'll be thrilled to know that!

MrsL -- I am, aren't I? *sigh* Thank you, dear MrsL for noticing.

Miss W x

Annabelle said...

Well, I'm glad to know that a pair of tights, albeit opaque ones, were involved with those "booty" shorts.