Monday, October 19, 2009

Glen Clova, after rain

This may have been the most beautiful walk I've ever taken. Here's my brother looking at the rainbow.


Tania Kindersley said...

Ah, it is so lovely to think of you in heavenly Scotland, only a hundred miles away instead of the customary 3,000. I am so glad you are here for the amazing autumn colour. Last week, the leaves were still green or a saddish yellow, but they have turned, almost overnight to brilliant scarlet, clearly in honour of your arrival. Lovely too to see a picture of Dee. Tell him I still remember him in his fabulous Daimler Dart with great fondness. xx

Miss Whistle said...

It's heaven being here. I am loathe to go home despite missing my family & my dogs enormously. Scotland is probably the most beautiful place I've ever visited in October. And yes, I'll send Dee your Daimler memories. xx

Miss W