Friday, November 06, 2009

Egrets & cormorants & black-necked stilt

Yesterday, walking along the LA River between Valleycrest and Victory in Burbank, I spied mallard duck, black-necked stilt, teal, coots, double-crested cormorants, white egrets and blue heron. You can (just) see the egrets in the branches of the willow in the picture. More about LA River here via KCET and a lovely blog here.

black-necked stilt


LPC said...

California is just lying in wait for all of us to pack our bags. Then it will happily revert to marshland and dry hills.

Annabelle said...

This post made me want to watch Chinatown. I took an excellent class about the transformation of the LA River once... I say it should be every Los Angelino's duty to research its history!