Thursday, February 18, 2010

How I believe in God by Roger Ebert

I read this piece by Roger Ebert to my darling husband, the Maharishi, as he made himself a late breakfast this morning (I always like it when Skype conference calls to Argentina keep him home and I wander in from my office to sit with him). As I read it out loud, I found myself in tears by the end. It's an intelligent piece about God and science and the incredible beauty of the Universe. Click here.


Mrs L. said...

Gorgeous. Funny how this subject can inspire endless musings and countless blogposts and still we're drawn to it and circle and debate it endlessly. Thank you for sharing. xo

Miss Whistle said...

@MrsL I have to admit to being completely besotted by Roger Ebert. He has always been lovely to me (in my former life) but seeing what he's doing now, laying down a living legacy, it's very, very moving. That piece is particularly profound. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Miss W x