Saturday, February 13, 2010


We've had no power in the canyon since late last night. A eucalyptus
tree fell around Laurel Canyon Place across the road downing a power line.
Laurel Canyon is closed southbound (towards the city) at Mulholland
and Mulholland is closed westbound at Laurel Canyon because of an
enormous sinkhole/landslide. So, getting out is fine but getting in
involves coming from Coldwater and down Laurel Pass.

On top of this my nearly 15 yr old threw up this morning (after
downing an enormous slice of her chocolate ganache and raspberry pie
last night). Nevertheless we drove to the barn this morning with me
  channelingmy mother "some fresh air will make you feel better". She
became increasingly greener and weaker and we drove in, turned round
and drove back. Thank God for plastic doggy poo bags and handgun
target practise with her father. She threw up again at the
intersection of the I-5 and the CA-170 while travelling at 70 mph
managing somehow to do a William Tell with about three pints of
raspberry-colored fluid.

But it's nice to sit in the garden with the dogs, listening to the
birds and squirrels and updating my blog by iPhone. The lines may come
out a little jiggly. They always do. We went to fetch tea from the
Coffee Bean this morning and sat together, the Maharishi and me, on
the deck watching the red-tailed hawks building a new nest in our
eucalyptus (the pine trees on the Horseshoe Canyon ridge are dying due
to beetle infestation; Mr & Mrs Hawk had to find new accommodation).
Minks is now safe in bed reading Twilight for the 18th time, bucket
with a splash of Dettol in the bottom, just like matron used to do it,
by her side. The sun is out. I could learn to love this.


Caroline, No. said...

The splash of dettol at the bottom of the bucket! That brings back such memories! I hope daughter feels better soon.

LPC said...

One always just has to know what "this" is that we love.