Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The days before the vernal equinox

6:50pm 03-16-10 -- It may be dreary and damp where you live, or where my mother lives in England, but here in the Canyon, it feels Springy and hopeful. The Vernal Equinox isn't till Saturday
Vernal Equinox Mar 20 2010 1:32 PM EDT
Summer Solstice Jun 21 2010 7:28 AM EDT
Autumnal Equinox Sep 22 2010 11:09 PM EDT
Winter Solstice Dec 21 2010 6:38 PM EST
but the birds refuse to believe it and continue to sing into the night.  The Tibetan flags, although a little tattered, are blowing along the edge of the deck, where last year's bamboo tomato stakes still remain; they face due West, towards Horseshoe Canyon and the Pacific Ocean, towards the row of pines that have been felled because of the beetles.  One solitary whole tree remains, the home of the hawks.  It's their seventh year in the same tree.

The bleached out blue sky is cloudless and my plum trees are blossoming white.

9:15am 03-17-10 -- So why then, have I lost my fizz?

12:45pm 03-17-10 -- I'm walk-invigorated. This is Sepulveda Dam:


Cathy said...

bloggerlong time reader, first time writer...

someone suggested to me last night, that the "lost fizz" I have been feeling for the past few weeks is perhaps my sabbatical or in other words a prolonged sabbath.

love your blog

Miss Whistle said...

thank you so much cathy! i'm thinking that the term "lost fizz" works rather well for all of us. richard mabey talks about the "nature cure" and i think i might agree with him. thanks so much for reading and for commenting. it means a lot.
take care,
miss w x