Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

It heartens me that the bright, informed women that I respect and enjoy reading are weighing in on the Catholic sex abuse scandal.  Read India Knight and Maureen Dowd. The Maharishi is disgusted with the whole thing.  "Baby love," he says to me this morning while delivering my cup of tea "I don't really see the argument."  I know enough not to draw him in on the subject of the Catholic church, a church he has been steeped in for his whole life (and the church that gave many members of his family much comfort).  I find myself stumped too.  Try explaining the notion of infallibility to an incredulous fifteen year old.  But today is Palm Sunday. Hosanna and all that.


Elaine Jesmer said...

I love your site! And I really like your writing style. Your personality comes through. That book of yours should be lovely.

Thank you again for your generosity. My birds and I are trying out different locations, looking for the one where they can't poop in the water bowl.

I just finished my website in January, so I'm sort of tweaking it and hoping that in time people going through chemo, whatever they're taking it for, find the site and get what they need out of it.

Enjoy the beautiful Palm Sunday. Wasn't Maureen Dowd's column last Wednesday right on the money!


shayma said...

husb & i were talking about this yesterday, really sad and despicable. india got it so right. x shayma