Monday, April 19, 2010

Parker Palm Springs

Hotels aren't really my thing, but the Jonathan Adler designed Parker Palm Springs (with gardens by Judy Kameon) never fails to delight. We've stayed there three times which seems awfully spoiled, but my clever husband has amassed a huge amounts of Starwood points so we stay there for free.

 The Coachella experience started with a bang for the girls because at lunch on the first day, Beyonce & Jay-Z walked into the restaurant, Norma's, and sat down opposite us. Both girls were red-faced, hyperventilating and finding it hard to finish their quesadillas. When Jay-Z waved and mouthed "Hi" to Minky, she burst into tears of joy and suddenly I realized what it was like to see the Beatles live in 1962.

 photo thanks to just jared


That's Not My Age said...

Woo hoo! How exciting is that?

Miss Whistle said...

I know! So ridiculously exciting. We might as well have turned round and gone home after that!

Miss W

Marilyn said...

You are seriously the best mom ever. And I'll bet she knows it. xo

Sandy said...

Wow What a wonderful time for all!
Great Parents, Great Teen!