Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Let's picnic

Another brilliant writing group this evening; my spirits have soared. I have come home to my copy of Claudia Roden's "Everything tastes better outdoors" and now every thought is about picnics, many of them; on the beach, in the mountains, the forests, and in the garden.  This is, really, how we re-connect with nature. Let's picnic.


AQ: said...

In FULL agreement. That's my fuel during the workweek, daydreaming about the park, a blanket, bare feet, white wine and ONION JAM.

Sidebar, stole your quote below, but gave you props.

LPC said...

Yay! Picnics!

Miss Whistle said...

Please share your onion jam recipe. You can guest post it if you want. xx