Saturday, May 08, 2010

Penelope Chilvers

I've just discovered these delicious, buttery-leather boots from Spain, designed by an old, old friend (whom I haven't seen in at least 20 years), Penelope Chilvers. Also, search her site for sandals, espadrilles, gorgeous embroidered bags. 


LPC said...


Allison Anders said...

I want! Do you know that it was YOU who made me buy my first Tom's shoes -- some gold glitters? I now have 4 pair, all glitters, silver and black too, purple paisley that are a tad too small, (I'll wear them when I'm a shrunken old lady) and just bought my mom a pair of linen maroon for Mother's Day and she was over the moon! to start my love affair with boots... Happy Mother's Day! Picnic!

Bumby Scott said...

Your Friend has a wonderful gift.

Always Bumby

Miss Whistle said...

LPC, me too and I now feel vindicated because the M didn't like those boots one bit!

I didn't know that I led you to Tom's -- that's hilarious. But aren't they the best?
BTW, a picnic did happen. Blogs are good for bludgeoning I guess.

Just so thrilled to know someone called Bumby.

Bumble aka Miss W