Sunday, May 09, 2010

A picnic for mother's day

The children made mozarella and red and yellow tomato salad with tomatoes from the farmer's market.  They brought French lemonade, some salami, a baguette, sweet red strawberries, pink paper plates, some Indian blankets, the spotted dogs and we headed to Balboa Park.  Three games of cricket were going on, and Mexican families were grilling and playing soccer while their children jumped in bouncy castles.  Two ice cream trucks and a man with a pushcart and a handbell passed by, and a vendor selling beach balls in all sizes.  We lay on our backs and stared at the sky through the sycamore leaves, listening to the hum of the model aircraft in the field next door.  It was lovely.

The pictures aren't great (wrong lens) but I love them nonetheless.

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