Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swedish porcelain

My favorite of my grandmother's china is Rörstrand blå eld (blue fire).  Only used at the summer house (where she delighted in trying out the more avant garde -- Oslo was still old school traditional), countless cups of tea have been served in these white cups with the asymmetrical herringbone design, and countless red Norwegian strawberries have been piled on the teardrop-shaped blue dishes.

Designer Hertha Bengston designed two lines for Rörstrand, left the company in 1964 when the management changed and then designed for the German company Rosenthal, among others. work may be found in museums around Scandinavia, the private collection of the King of Sweden and a piece at the V&A.

Hertha also designed textiles

Although Rörstrand no longer manufactures the Blue Fire line, a new line, Swedish Grace, caught my eye:

However, not much represents the Scandinavian summer better than this piece, also from Rörstrand (Kulinara):

Can you see the peas, the gooseberries, the chives, the elderberries, the parsley?


That's Not My Age said...

Gorgeous - both Hertha and the porcelain look fab. I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian design love the Stig Linberg leaf print crockery and am partial to a bit of Marimekko.

little augury said...

How lovely, it is the subtlety that continues to interest. pgt

LPC said...

I love the Swedish home goods, as you know. I am planning to post a confession that I want the Rorstrand Royal Wedding series bowls.

Miss Whistle said...

@LPC -- I was very tempted by the royal wedding bowls (available, I believe on Virgin America, is that possible?). They're absolutely gorgeous.

@little augury -- subtle indeed at a time where mid-century design in ceramics included a lot of bells & whistles

@TNMA -- Not familiar with Stig Linberg but shall look up forthwith.

Thank you so much for your comments.

-- Miss W

That's Not My Age said...

Hi Miss W - I've just checked the back of my lovely plates and had a look at my big book of Scandinavian design and it's Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg ceramics. He also designed textiles, I have some cushions!