Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking for signs

"My Mother looked for signs all the time.  A person would be curt to her at the supermarket and she would view it as a sign that she should be nicer to strangers.  Joseph would give her an unexpected smile and she'd retrace all her actions to see why she deserved it.  Once, we arrived home to a snail at the doorstep and she said it was a sign to slow down, and she took a walk around the block at a funereal pace, saying there was something in there for her if she just took her time. She came back just as vivid-faced as ever.  Thank you, little snail, she buzzed lifting it up and placing it in the cool shadows of a jasmine bush.  She was always looking for unexpected guidance and at that garage sale the world had spit up just exactly what she'd asked for, and what could be a better omen that?  So it must've been a real blow, on her wedding day, to find out that the larger hand in action was the hand she was then holding."

from The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
by Aimee Bender (via the lovely Maureen)

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Moonboots said...

Just bought this book and looking forward to reading it. I have a large pile of unread books at the side of my bed as my reading habit has died. I am going to resurrect in 2012 and start with this. Inspiration.