Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wherein I play Parker

Just for the fun of it, let me describe my driving-the-teen schedule for today, Saturday, October 2.
  •  7:15am leave house, chauffeur's hat in hand
  • 8:00am pick up in Santa Monica, drive to far reaches of the Valley
  • 8:55am arrive in Lake View Terrace
  • 10:45am drive home, wait (passenger needs to shower)
  • 12:15pm drive to Beverly Hills
  • 3:00pm pick up Beverly Hills, drive home, wait
  • 5:15pm drive to Pacific Palisades
  • 6:00pm arrive in Palisades
  • 6:05pm rush back to Hollywood to meet husband for 7pm movie

1 comment:

LPC said...

Quite the fortunate teen. Does she sing you choruses of, "Oh thank you darling mother?"