Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The first photograph of a human being

The first photographic portrait of a human being. October or November 1839. 
A daguerreotype self-portrait by American Robert Cornelius via The Toynbee Convector


Sensible Footwear said...

Goodness - what an incredible image. So striking.

LPC said...

He looks suspicious. As well he might. Think of what lay before humanity now that one's image could be captured.

24 Corners said...

He looks so 'today'...amazing! Wonderful to see this.
xo J~

Northern Snippet said...

He looks quite modern and unlike other typical old photos.

Paul said...

He was a time traveler.

Anonymous said...

Your title is misleading, this is not the first photograph of a human. The first photograph that shows a human is Daguerre's photo, View of the Boulevard du Temple. Maybe a more appropriate title would be the first self-portrait photograph of a human being.

Dahszil Dahszil said...

It should be taken for granted that misswhistle meant first close up or portrait of a human being. No need to split hairs ananymous. I think this portrait is indicative of the romantic era of art, etc in western civilization, circa 1800 to 1905 ad.
And eras in history repeat themselves like history in general. I am heterosexual but this is a very attractive picture of a male