Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mary McDonald Interiors

 From the LA Times:

'Mary McDonald Interiors'

(Melanie Acevedo)
McDonald's West Hollywood office epitomizes her penchant for high drama. After turning the walls pale blue and white, McDonald had Miles hand-paint Chinese branches. On top of that, she put a collection of black-and-white fashion photographs, including pages cut out of old Vogue magazines. On the right, she created an unusual bulletin board by gluing painted cork sections within the closet-door frames. She then trimmed each panel with black grosgrain ribbon. 
More here and the new book is available here.

I love Mary. She's elegant, kooky, brilliant.  And has the best shoe collection. Ever. We share a mutual friend, with whom we both stayed in Sag Harbor one summer. It was one of those impossibly perfect weekends. Long, blue days, warm sea, shucked corn from the farm stand.  He took us out to eat bowls of clams and drink sauvignon blanc and we laughed and laughed.  The LA Times refers to her "penchant for high drama" but I'd say that she feels more like one of those lovely, eccentric English designers, who wear large hats and carry pin cushions about with them.  Sort of Cecil Beaton meets India Hicks meets Gertrude Jekyll.  Her taste is impeccable, but she veers away from the beige monotones so redolent of current American interiors.

The book party is on Thursday.  I can't wait for my copy.

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sianey said...

hey b -

going to have to see if i can get a copy of this.
v pleased - as i represent Vogue UK + its one of my Henry Clarke prints slap bang in the centre :)

is it possible to be chic by association???

its the little things ....

hope you're well darling,