Friday, November 05, 2010

More signs of fall

This is what I do. I try to prove that fall has come to the canyon by looking for evidence. I am a seasonal scientist, a gatherer of data, a displaced Englishwoman searching for autumn in this lovely desert.  After four days of no walking, or exercise of any kind, just as I was beginning to turn into a stagnated hunchback, I hiked on the Betty Deering trail, off of Mulholland, with the lesser and greater spotteds, and my camera, and I clambered up the secret waterfall, sat underneath magnificent oaks and sycamores and watched the leaves fall.  Only or two at a time, but I witnessed it nonetheless.


wild grass from recent rain

poison oak (sumac)

burnt hillside near briarcrest fire road

lesser spotted, briarcrest fire road, studio city



wild anise

my favorite place, near waterfall

looking toward mulholland


LPC said...

Death by beauty of trail.

Miss Whistle said...

Does it get to you too? Kills me every time. xx