Monday, December 20, 2010

Backwards in High Heels: Bah, humbug

I'm afraid I've stolen a picture from Tania's blog and I have no excuse. If you don't read Backwards in High Heels, do so immediately. The photographs are of course secondary to the beautiful writing, but if they're secondary, how do you explain this exquisite image?

(c) Tania Kindersley 2010

While Angelenos are running about with sou'westers and umbrellas, the Brits are frolicking in this (while all their airports are closed):

Backwards in High Heels: Bah, humbug

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Tania Kindersley said...

Ah Miss W - YOU have cheered me up. So stupidly flattered that you think my little snaps good enough to go on yr lovely blog, am actually slightly teary. What a way to spread the Christmas spirit, all the way from Los Angeles to snowy old Scotland. x