Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A famous action film director, known for his chase sequences, his machismo and his general testosterone-fueled blockbusters, once said to me:
"There are two kinds of people in this world: those who sleep with their dogs, and those who don't."  
 A particularly sensitive, and somewhat feminine statement, I thought. And one that stays with me.

With the Maharishi and Minky gone to Tokyo for a few days, I am alone (my son is here, but our waking hours tend not to coincide) with the (read: very ferocious) dogs. Southern California is known for its temperate climate but lately we've been freezing our bottoms off and so, to avoid mocking by my English friends, I've discovered the concept of dog-shaped hot water bottles. Mine happen to be spotted and medium size but I've heard you can get them in all shapes and colors. My friend Susie has ones shaped like wiener dogs and Australian Shepherds and I seem to remember reading that Tania at Backwards in High Heels may have black Labrador-shaped ones.  My mother's is a long-haired Jack Russell and is apparently exceptionally good at warming the feet.  I haven't asked my friend Amy, who lives in the canyon, which parts the Belgian Mastiff is best at warming, but I believe she can do one or two people at once. Bean, who has graced these pages before lies at my side or behind my head, depending on her mood and stares at me so forcefully that I feel compelled to discover what she wants immediately; the cute face belies a Dr. Feynman-like brain, sorting out all the queries and quandaries and quadrilaterals and quirks of the universe (see here). Without her, I am, to be sure, lonely in my bed, and freezing too, not that I would admit that to my European friends who are braving it through teeth-shattering cold.

(But my oh my, the New York Times does have some heavenly images of the Great Blizzard of 2010 -- Don't you love it when Weather becomes an Event with Grand Nomenclature?)

But I digress. A mere hint of Ronnie Corbett (now, rather sadly, named The One Ronnie), and I'm off, like him, on red herrings, unable to keep my focus.

The days are getting longer. There is that to look forward to.

Sleep well and be warm in your beds. I'm off to find some desperately-needed beauty sleep.

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sianey said...

B - I find small Lakeland terrier shaped bottle v good for keeping warm..Happy Christmas!