Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain & Snow

There is a simple satisfaction to cooking breakfast for the whole family once again. Swedish pancakes and bacon.  Slight gamey bacon, to be accurate.  But the whole family is home. We're all here, under one (leaky) roof, the floors strewn with pots and pans to catch the drops, and tonight we go to a dear friend's house to sing carols (I shall sing loudly and embarrass myself) and eat cottage pie and ooh and aah at her Christmas Tree, while marveling at how our children have grown.

Meanwhile, in England, there is snow.

This is Clapham Common yesterday.

If you're not in the holiday spirit but would like to be download this amazing album with alacrity:  99 essential Christmas songs for $1.99 (h/t Roger Ebert).  Lovely stuff.

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