Sunday, January 02, 2011

Debo & me

One of my best girlfriends, Lucy, who has known me, somewhat embarrassingly, since I was 13 and used to read in chapel at the horrendous boarding school we went to (a fact she loves to share with anyone who will listen), sent me an email tonight from Orcas Island, where she is spending new year.

It says:

John says that this is what you'll look like in 40 years. And I must say, I agree with him. 

This link followed.

The Duchess of Devonshire feeding her hens, via the NY Times (credit: Bridget Flemming)

I can certainly think of worse things to be doing in my dotage than feeding my chickens.  Meanwhile I can hardly wait to read the book:

By Deborah Mitford
Illustrated. 345 pp. 
Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $28


Curious said...

I, too, like the idea of being surrounded by adoring chooks. I wa on my way to buy feed the other day and someone was reading Hons and Rebels on the radio

Wally B said...

Orcas is very close to us, but our favorite is Lopez Island.
Our two hens started laying this Christmas. What lovely, perfectly formed presents.