Monday, June 06, 2011

The Widening Sky

"The problem with most of us" said my friend Vivien's wise mother "is that we don't have enough poetry in our lives." Of course, she's right. 

Here's some Edward Hirsch:

The Widening Sky
I am so small walking on the beach 
at night under the widening sky. 
The wet sand quickens beneath my feet 
and the waves thunder against the shore. 

I am moving away from the boardwalk 
with its colorful streamers of people 
and the hotels with their blinking lights. 
The wind sighs for hundreds of miles. 

I am disappearing so far into the dark 
I have vanished from sight. 
I am a tiny seashell 
that has secretly drifted ashore 

and carries the sound of the ocean 
surging through its body. 
I am so small now no one can see me. 
How can I be filled with such a vast love?

-- Edward Hirsch


Kcecelia said...

Walked into my study one last time this evening to open the window. The weather has been grey and damp for days, and the air in my house has a close feel to it.

I saw a message from your blog in my email, so I sat down to read your latest post in the dark. There is a cool breeze blowing on me from the open window. The night is salt-scented from the bay.

I read your poem, and I agree with you: We need more poetry in our lives.

I hope your trip to England is all you want it to be. xo.

Miss Whistle said...

@Kcecelia -- I agree. I've vowed to read at least one poem every day from now on. I bought "The Rattle Bag" edited by Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney on advice of (the same) friend. Wonderful stuff. And yes, it's lovely here, thank you!

Miss W xx