Sunday, June 05, 2011

The warm wind of England

hayfield in aldbury, 7:30pm, june 4
June is the magic time in England. I'm here on a spur of the moment trip to see my Mamma. This is the month I dream about when I think of my childhood here -- long pink days, legs pleasantly aching from running & the sun never seeming to set.  Although the peonies and the bluebells are gone, the fields and woods are full. I walked with the dog for company, down through the old wood, along King's sheep field, across Newground Road and along the path which follows the railway, coming back through the village, with a brief stop at the church.  In the hedgerows, there are wild roses and poppies, buttercups and cowslips, vetches and cow parsley. The earth feels softer, springier than California and the wind blows warm and sweet. There is not another word for it.  Our California winds come in from the desert hard and dusty. This wind smells like flowers and summer fruit.  It wafts through the hedges, makes waves on the hayfields, isn't cold or hard, is soft on your skin.  The trains come through without disturbing the rabbits. I walk in a daze, in love with all of it.  It's always the first day home that feels this way -- warm, soft and without malice.


nancyblackett said...

I know exactly what you mean. After the hot, clear light of Australia, the soft light of summer dusk is always the thing that speaks to me of England

Seedy said...

I loved this. Read it twice, and might read it again!

jongleuse said...

And now the equally British rain! Hope it clears up for the rest of your visit.

Lorraine said...

Thanks for taking us with you on your visit home. Your beautiful writing lets us walk by the sheep meadow, smell the hedgerow flowers and feel the soft wind blow.

ganching said...

This is why I love going for walks in the English countryside.

Miss Whistle said...

@nancy -- I think we ex-pats always have that place in our hearts for where we're from. It never goes away, does it?
@Seedy -- You know I love it when you read the blog. Miss you!
@jongleuse -- The rain has been on and off all week, but bright blue skies with fairweather clouds between storms, which is lovely!
@Lorraine -- Thank you Lorraine. Very kind of you. xx
@ganching -- Good for the soul & just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you so much for your kind comments.

-- Miss W