Friday, July 15, 2011

Yotam Ottolenghi at Animal

misswhistle grips her newly signed book

One of my culinary heroes, Yotam Ottolenghi, was in Los Angeles promoting the US publication of his second book, Plenty.  Miss Whistle readers will be familiar with my cooing over Ottolenghi recipes ad nauseum.  The five course vegetarian dinner of dishes from his book did not disappoint. Amusingly, Animal, the delicious and decidedly carnivorous restaurant on Fairfax hosted.  The food was of course scrumptious. 

caramelized fennel

lentils with broiled eggplant

milk pudding
And Ottolenghi himself is disarmingly charming and warm.  Of course, I was grinning like a schoolgirl when I had my picture taken with him.

misswhistle with the man himself

You can order Plenty here.
And an NPR piece on Ottolenghi here.


Seedy said...

Start with one small-sized English woman; make sure it has a radiant smile. Add one medium-sized Israeli wunderchef specializing in vegetarian voila! Three-star happiness!

Miss Whistle said...

I love you Seedy!! xx

Betty M said...

Plenty of carnivore options at his restaurants though. I had some of the best lamb ever at the one I used to live close to. The man is a master. If I could afford it I'd eat every meal there!

Mrs L. said...

Pea green with envy! Love my gift from you - so happy you got this special meal and moment! xoxo