Monday, September 19, 2011

Feel the love

"You need the gays in your life" said a new friend at a work premiere tonight.  "Come on over, meet the gang." She led me to a table where an attractive woman and two handsome men were nibbling on mini hamburgers and flatbreads.  "This is my partner and these are our gay husbands" she said.  "Our family probably isn't like yours, but it's a family nonetheless."  She smiled at me.  One of the men opened his arms and pulled me to his chest with a huge hug.  He smelled lovely.  "Welcome" he said.  "Everyone needs the gays in their life when they're going through something" he assured me. I murmured my thanks and told them that I might cry.  They laughed.  "No really, my closest gay friend is in Sag Harbor" I said "which is far too far away." 

Meanwhile Minky met Anna Faris, which made her night, and I was greeted back into the fold by all my photographer and paparazzi friends. Felt a little lumpy about the whole thing.

Sleep tight. xx


Tania Kindersley said...

Dearest Miss W - Oh this has made me smile. Don't know what it is about times of trouble, but my experience is that the gorgeous gay husbands comfort a girl like nothing else. x

Wally B said...

I'm not gay, but I do want to send you a hug. I've been busy at home and not reading my blogs of late. I have some time today and went straight to Miss Whistle to catch up. I'll make my way through your recent musings to see how you are coping. I've had to use my real name, so signing in as legend is no more. It is still me though.xx