Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pink or Navy?

"You're quite a fan of navy blue" said a co-worker today. I suppose I am. I always remember my mother saying "You can never go wrong with navy" or maybe it was a friend of hers, but it has stuck in my head, alongside an image of Jean Muir who didn't design dresses in any other color.  Once, when I was five, I tried on a dress at Sharlands in Berkhamsted -- after my mother had been shopping for bras and I'd been fascinated by a mannequin with awfully pointy boobs wearing the Playtex cross-your-heart bra, an astonishing feat of engineering -- and the shop assistant told me that blue was my color.  She said something like "Oh, that's your color. Look how it makes your eyes sparkle."  The concept of something being your color was new to me and I was enormously flattered. I opened my blue eyes as far as I could and batted them a little as I paraded up and down in the polyster dress with the pointy white collars and the blue and white spotted skirt, cinched with a little navy belt.  Since that day, I haven't looked back.

Navy blue Ola dress by Tory Burch

My friend Angela, who is rather stylish and knows more than a bit about executive dressing, swears by a pencil skirt, boots and a little cardigan, in shades of grey and black and sometimes brown.  I've taken this concept and made it blue. Black and grey were all I wore for years. Blue seems a bit more jolly, somehow. A bit more friendly.  Planet earth is blue and all that.

I'm not a fan of teal.  As BeBe was fond of saying when asked "fondue?", "fon-don't."  As I drove by the elementary school in Century City today a perfectly well turned out mother was crossing the road with her young daughter, dressed head to tail in shades of teal green and darkest turquoise.  It was, I believe, a Fashion Mistake.

I'll stick with navy.  Or pink. Jack tells me that bright pink is the navy blue of India.

Don't tell me I've never taught you anything profound.

Good night, lovely ones. Sleep tight.


LPC said...

Hehe. Just wrote about color today. And just bought a pink dress at TB this weekend. A solid foundation of navy allows for the occasional wild sortie.

Tania Kindersley said...

LOVE the navy blue. My mother used to buy Jean Muir dresses in the sale when I was a child; it is one of my enduring memories of being small. I am also a huge fan of racing green, but hardly any clothes are made in that colour. Hope yr new job is going like the blazes. x

nancyblackett said...

Oh no, teal is wrong? I just ordered a M&S dress in Teal. Living in a country with no M&S I can get away with wearing their dresses for work and be sure no-one else will have it. I am a big fan of navy but not suits which I think make one look like an air hostess.