Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sabbaths 1998, VII (For John Haines)

There is a place you can go
where you are quiet,
a place of water and the light

on the water. Trees are there,
leaves, and the light
on leaves moved by air.

Birds, singing, move
among leaves, in leaf shadow.
After many years you have come

to no thought of these,
but they are themselves
your thoughts. There seems to be

little to say, less and less.
Here they are. Here you are.
Here as though gone.

None of us stays, but in the hush
where each leaf in the speech
of leaves is a sufficient syllable

the passing light finds out
surpassing freedom of its way. 

-- Wendell Berry 

"Whatever happens, those who have learned to love one another have made their way to the lasting world and will not leave, whatever happens."  -- Wendell Berry (Sabbath 1)


nancyblackett said...

This is quite beautiful. I read this last night while thinking about my mother who died 12 years ago this day and it was a soothing thing.

Jimmy said...

This is one amazing poem... I thank you for sharing, never seen it before. Thanks!

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